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Arbotech AS170 Oscillating Cutting Saw
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Arbotech AS170 Oscillating Cutting Saw

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Product Code: HIRE_120042

Arbortech AS170 900 Watt Industrial Oscillating Cutting Saw

  • The AS170 is a revolution in cutting technology. Using a unique patented cutting motion and two forward facing blades, the AS170 is able to perform with degrees of effectiveness and safety which were previously impossible.
  • Designed for the professional, the AS170 is made to exacting standards.
  • It is ideal for a variety of cutting tasks making it the most versatile and useful tool you will ever own
  • The AS170 is able to cut bricks, mortar, soft sandstone, natural limestone, timber, plastics, foams or any combination of these materials.
  • It will also cut tree-stumps (through dirt and sand) and is ideal for pruning and other landscaping tasks.
  • Cuts masonry materials dry, with significantly less respirable dust than disc cutters.
  • Unlike disc cutters the AS170 does not throw dust into the air, or kickback.
  • The AS170 is the only small, handheld saw able to cut to depths of 120mm (plunge blades) in masonry materials.
  • The AS170 is able to cut square corners, requiring no over cutting, or bolstering.
  • Use the AS170 to cut directly into flush walls without stitch drilling.
  • Ideal for cutting brickwork and walls in established and furnished houses.
  • Due to its ability to plunge cut to depths of 120mm, cut square corners and cut to single brick height
  • Applications:
  • Renovations, alterations & building repair.
  • Toothing brickwork for extensions.
  • Fast removal of in-built objects such as anchors (wall plates, joists, trusses), frames, sills, beams, lintels, wall units and/or steps.
  • Expansion joints or wall section replacement.
  • Removal of in-built furniture, plumbing or vanities.
  • Cutting of archways and windows.
  • Tuckpointing.
  • Repairing cracked walls. 
  • Installation:
  • Vents, Ducts, Registers, Plumbing, Electrical cabling & conduit, Electrical goods (air-conditioners, dryers, wall ovens, heaters, meter boxes, fans), Windows, Ablutions, Recycling units, Pass through

Technical Specifications  
Cutting Width 6.5mm - 7.2mm dependant on blades
Weight 4.3kg with cutting blades
Dimensions (without blades) 345mm x 75mm x 210mm (L x W x H)
Noise Level 108 dB max @ 1 metre
No Load Speed 6,500 rpm
Electrical Rating
110 Volt or
240 Volt AC 50hz
Dust Extraction Vacuum Hose Interface 30mm ID, EN 60335-2-69
Belt Tension 1mm max mid-span deflection with 25N deflection force
Blade Mount Bolt Torque 14Nm un-lubricated
CE Compliance EN 50144-1: 1999 incl. Amdt1, and EN 50144 2-11: 1997

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